How to hack a page (account) in VK?

For accessing someone else's account VKontakte there are 4 ways:

    • Hacking - Bruteforce, search of password options ( is not an option , I explain Why)  
    • Social engineering - selecting data, & nbsp; password based on the available Owner information ( basically possible )  
    • Fake VK page & nbsp; - create a clone of the login page for VK ( very You can , but there are complications)  
    • Do you have access to a person's computer? Wow! & nbsp; - take out the login-password from the browser, or put a prog-spy. ( 99.9% success! )

      1. By using Bruteforce, sorting out the password options

      & quot; Impossible is possible? & Quot; Or "Youtube Myths"

      The account data is stored on the VK server (and nowhere else), so to access them it is necessary to hack the servic VK itself ...) Therefore, "hacking" As such is not possible.

      Can I crack a VK account by searching for passwords to a page?

      There are programs for brute-force attacking, but the computational power of a home computer is so small that it will take 10 years to compile))

      Theoretically, the password can be brute-force if you have a good brute-dictionary created by you (on your own) based on social engineering (read part 2 of this article)

      For advanced Even if you somehow mastered the password hash by some miracle, then you will hardly get a collision because Wk uses hash md5 + salt.

      In addition to the wk with 3 incorrect password entries will pop up captcha, which so far not one program can not accurately recognize.

      In the internet (especially on Youtube) some "smarties" Suggest using some "miracle programs" that supposedly can hack VK ...

      This is all a divorce! Do not be fooled!

      At best, you will waste time, and at worst - this most miracle program will steal your passwords.

      So, it's almost impossible to get access to the account by hacking through passwords or hacking! & Nbsp;

      If interested, read & nbsp; Hacking VK Brutfors & nbsp; (The program for hacking VK )

      2.Social engineering - selection of data, password based on available information about the owner

      Here you have to think carefully ... (if you do not want to think, go straight to step 3.)

      Everyone knows that the password must be complex and unique, but according to statistics, 80% of people use primitive passwords, for example, "12345", "password", date of birth or phone number. & Nbsp;

      The essence of the method is that in fact a person is not able to come up with a unique password.
      This character set must necessarily be associated with something & quot; its & quot ;, with that & quot; that on the mind & quot ;. In this case, a person will sincerely believe that he came up with something unique)

      It must be something that a person always remembers, so you need to have an idea about it.

      What is most common?

        • Phone numbers (of your own or of a loved one),  
        • Date of birth (own or close person & nbsp;), & nbsp;  
        • Surname, Name, nickname (own or close),  
        • The e-mail address (login)  
        • The name of the site on which this password is))

          In addition, the vast majority uses the same password on many sites (so as not to forget)

          So try to find out & nbsp; at least one of his passwords (even from the most insignificant account). As an option, ask for a password on some forum account from which a person would not be afraid to lose. & Nbsp;

          In general, after analyzing the user's data (his loved ones, memorable dates, events) in half the password from his account can be found! (Checked)))

          3. Fake site page.

          The method is 100% real, the only problem is how to make a person do on the fake action page (for example, enter a login / password)

          The essence of the method is to create a page that looks no different from the login page of the VK account and we lure the user to this page.

          He will think that he went to the main page of the VK, enter the login and password, and after clicking the & nbsp; & quot; Login & quot; The data entered by him will fly to us on the e-mail)

          And so that he did not suspect anything, the button & quot; Login & quot; Set redirection (redirect) to this page of VK.

          How to do it?

          & nbsp; For those who do not bother at all in creating web pages, they can not type code even on the site builder - I will soon post here a template for the page where it will only be necessary to insert my e-mail (to which the intercepted password will come)

          & nbsp; Here is the template for the fake page design of the VK
          & Nbsp; & nbsp; (opens in the new Window)

          & nbsp;

          How to do this plausibly?

          - On his phone, e-mail, etc. Send a message of type - & quot; New 4 comments under your photo "(so that a person has curiosity) and a link to our fake page ( Even if a person had authorization in VK, he will reflexively enter his Data.

          Perhaps in a minute he will understand that this is a divorce - but login / password & nbsp; then we have already left) And believe me, if he immediately changes his password, then the new password will differ from the previous by a maximum of 1-2 characters. Why? - read again part 2 of this article))

          P.S. Soon I'll post here a template for this page (clone of the input page of the VK already with the input form and script), and you will only have to copy it to yourself.

          4. You have access to the user's computer - 99% success

          We need access to the computer (or laptop) & nbsp;

          Option 1 . The user has authorization (ie login / password is stored in the computer) - you can & quot; take out & quot; Password from browser

          Almost in all browsers, the default is the nbsp; login / password saving function; When you enter any site, you get this window:

          We will open these passwords)

          Where are the saved passwords stored?

          Detailed description for each browser

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